Curling Club AGM, Monday 30th March 2015

singles winners

Singles competition runner up Jay Wilson and winner David Haggart

pairs runners up

McPhail Trophy (pairs runners up) Andy Williamson and John Wilson

pairs winners

McCall Salver (pairs winners) Iain Buchanan and Andy Muir

KO winners

Bob Wilson Cup (knock out) winners Andy Muir, Iain Buchanan and Peter Cleland (Jean Armstrong absent)

Cleland runners up

Clark Team Trophy (thirds' competition runners up) Andy Williamson, Jim Sellar and Phil Biggerstaff (Ian Lean absent)

Cleland winners

Cleland Trophy (thirds' competition winners) Andy Muir, Alan Turner and Anne Millar (Alan Murdoch absent)

Paterson runners up

Mercer Rosebowl (main league runners up) David Haggart and Davie Armstrong (John Adkin and Alison Turner absent)

Paterson winners

Paterson Trophy (main league winners) Andy Williamson, Phil Biggerstaff and Jan Wilson (Jim McCoull absent)