Curling Club AGM, Wednesday 10th April 2019

Prizes were presented by Andy Muir.

Paterson runners up

Mercer Rosebowl as main league runners up: Tom Haynes (1), Iain Buchanan (3), Alan Turner (2) (Andy Williamson (s) absent)

Paterson winners

Paterson Cup as main league winners: David Buchanan (3), Jonathan Buchanan (1), John Wilson (s) (Fiona Hetherington (2) absent)

KO winners

Bob Wilson Cup for the knock out: Iain Buchanan (3), Joyce Cowie (1), John Wilson (s), (Alison Bell (2) absent)

pairs runners up

McPhail Trophy for the Pairs runners up: Alan Turner (Alison Bell absent)

pairs winners

McCall Salver for the Paris winners: Stewart Carson and David Buchanan

Cleland runners up

Cleland runners up Stewart Carson (2), Iain Buchanan (s), Tom Russell (1) (Fiona Hetherington (3) absent)

Cleland winners

Cleland winners Joyce Cowie (2), David Buchanan (s), John Adkin (3) (Sarah Lean (1) absent)

Points winner

Points winner: David Buchanan on 33

Pitkerro bonspiel

Pitkerro bonspiel, highest up skip on the winning side with the Haggart Cup: Jay Wilson

Presidents' handover

Handover of Office Jay Wilson receiving the President's medal of office from Andy Muir.