Earliest club record

The earliest record of the club is a newspaper report of the first Annual Meeting of the Orbiston Curling Club. This reports that the club has played one season and already had office bearers in place at the start of the season. It is therefore likely that the meeting to set up the club was held somewhere between the end of the 1863-1864 season in about March 1864 and the start of the 1864-1865 season in early 1865.

There are further reports of the club playing against other local clubs in subsequent seasons. The club also joined the Lanarkshire County Curling Club.

The earliest club record we have is the minutes of the General Meeting of the Orbiston Curling Club on the 28th December 1877. This meeting reappointed some office bearers so the club had existed for some time. This meeting also gave a hearty vote of thanks to Mr Walter Nelson for the valuable services he had rendered to the club as secretary, it does not say for how long he served, and it was just after they had voted him out of office. This may be the same Walter Neilson who was the secretary at the first meeting in 1865.

At the next general meeting in January 1878 it was agreed that the secretary purchase a minute book. The minutes of the December meeting form the first entry.

Someone has written in pencil before the first minute: “This is not the beginning of the Club. The minute book previous to this one cannot be found”. Given the decision to buy a book  and not a replacement and that the December minutes are entered in this book then it seems likely that there never was a previous book