Haymarket Ice Rink

The Haymarket Ice rink was opened in the 1912, this followed the first Crossmyloof rink in 1907. It was located on Clifton Terrace to the West of Haymarket Station in Edinburgh. The site had been vacated by the animal auction that had just relocated to Chessar.

In the 1920ís the club played monthly games at Haymarket and the club members would travel by train.

The ice rink was closed in 1970s when it was replaced by similarly sized 7 sheet Murrayfield curling rink. The main Murrayfield ice rink arena (used for skating and ice hockey) was opened in 1939, but was requisitioned almost immediately for war work and was not reopened until 1949.

Curling sessions in those days were usually 3 hour games, this gave time for a drink in the middle. Some clubs played 3 handed in the middle ends as one pair went for a drink at a time (first the leads, then the seconds etc.) This is possibly why some clubs have the tradition of buying their opposite numbers a drink at the end of the game.

In 1914 the rink held the British Pair Skating Championship, the only British skating championship to be held in Scotland before 2000.

The rink closed in 1978, which left a gap until the Murrayfield curling rink opened in 1980.