Middle years

The club entered the 20th century in good form. The pond was maintained and the club joined the RCCC in 1903. From here things slid a bit. The main problem appears to have been warmer winters leading to lack of curling. The minutes report continuous costs with the Bellshill pond due to vandalism and general repairs to the banking. By 1904 only 4 members turned up to a General Meeting. After another year of no curling the costs to repair the house and fence had risen to 50 (about 3000 now) and a special committee were appointed to find a new pond and give notice to the Landlords.

There was curling on January 1907, but this was on the old Orbiston pond by arrangement with the Farmer, Mr John Gilchrist.

In that year several committee meetings were called and did not happen as there was no quorum present.

The pond rent of 8 for the unused pond in Bellshill was now a liability.

In January 1907 a new secretary was appointed. This was L.B. White and he was to remain secretary until 1936.

After presenting prizes at the end of the season in March 1916 the club was apparently dormant for the rest of the war. At this time the original Crossmyloof indoor curling rink closed and never reopened.